6 Times When It is Better To Be Flexible

Being flexible is great for your physical and mental health wellbeing, but it also can come in handy in these real life situations.

1. Limbo competitions.

Do you want to impress that cute man/woman you just met on your cruise ship? Or win awesome limbo competition prizes? Or do you just want to go as low as you can go? Studies show that being flexible is the best way to win limbo contests and reap all the fame and fortune that comes with it.

Hermes Conrad from Futurama. Sorry for potato quality!

2. When you get old.

Maintaining flexibility as you age can prevent a lot injuries and complications that are common amongst the elderly. Regular stretching will make you more flexible, healthy and improve coordination. This means less chance of falls, muscle strains and back problems, which can be extremely painful and difficult to manage and fully recover from when you’re older.

3. In the bedroom.

Better flexibility means better positions and better sex. Whether it allows you to hold your favourite position longer or try out some of the more challenging positions in The Kama Sutra, being flexible will definitely improve your sex life. So start stretching and winky smiling now 😉

Photo Credit: JPBennett1 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: JPBennett1 via Compfight cc

4. In the game.

Being flexible means better performance in many different sports. Not only does it prevent injury, it also improves things like power, vertical leap and kicking and throwing distance and occasionally it creates incredible plays, catches, tackles, etc.

5. At the office.

Better flexibility means better posture. Posture is extremely important in many aspects of life but it can particularly affect how you work. Research shows that proper posture can boost energy and increase brain function which is essential for work.

6. Running away to the circus.

Thinking about cutting off all ties to the real world and running off with the circus? Well being flexible would certainly help your cause. Trapeze artists, tumblers, mimes and contortionists all need to be extremely flexible to perform their amazing individual acts.

Photo Credit: lydia mann via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: lydia mann via Compfight cc